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Sermons on Jesus

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What blocks compassion?

Judging, analyzing someone at a distance, is the opposite of compassion- the different ways that Jesus and his disciples relate to the blind man illustrate this principle. John 9  When Jesus is invited over to dinner at Simon the Pharisees home, both Simon and Jesus encounter an adulterous woman. Simon’s response to her reveals another […]

Jesus Shows Compassion

Luke 7:11-17 In the midst of a large crowd, Jesus sees a widow coming out of the city, at the head of the funeral procession for her only son. As Jesus looks at her, his heart goes out to her. With this one death, she has lost everything and has just a lonely life of […]

Why Jesus right now?

This last Sunday we kicked off our Jesus #unfiltered sermon series. Over the next several weeks we’re going to take a look at the unfiltered Jesus as he appears in scripture. We believe we can base our lives off of his way of life and who he was as a person. His way of life […]

Blinded by the light

Acts 9:1-22 Saul, who later uses his Roman name, Paul*, was a Jewish Pharisee well trained in the Hebrew/Jewish scriptures. Saul was continuing his campaign to stamp out the followers of Jesus and their “heretical” teachings of Jesus as resurrected Lord, Messiah and savior. Saul had even “held coats” and looked on with approval as […]

A Broken Circle is Stronger

A Broken Circle is Stronger Acts 8:5-25 The reality of the resurrection birthed the early church. The early reports, unquestioned empty tomb, eyewitness accounts, earmarks of Gospel’s authenticity (disciples errors unedited, reported first resurrection female witnesses’ etc) and the emergence of the church all support the authenticity of the resurrection accounts (The writings of Eric […]

Seeds and Soil

Acts 8:1-8 Persecution in the early church lead Christians to scatter and spread the gospel beyond the familiarity of Jerusalem (if persecution forced you from your church/neighborhood, would you start one in your new home/neighborhood?). The persecution/scattering lead the early Christians to follow Jesus example of a God-trusting, life-risking, obedience to and advancement of the […]