Lexington, Kentucky

Sermons on Compassion

Compassion speaks honestly

Christian compassion is committed not only to people, but also to truth. Therefore, compassion speaks honestly, even if speaking the truth involves anger. Jesus models this when he confronts Simon’s self-righteousness, ingraditude and judgmental thinking/heart in Luke 7:36-50  He models it when he tell’s the Pharisees, to their faces, their legalism makes them like unwashed, dirty […]

What blocks compassion?

Judging, analyzing someone at a distance, is the opposite of compassion- the different ways that Jesus and his disciples relate to the blind man illustrate this principle. John 9  When Jesus is invited over to dinner at Simon the Pharisees home, both Simon and Jesus encounter an adulterous woman. Simon’s response to her reveals another […]

Jesus Shows Compassion

Luke 7:11-17 In the midst of a large crowd, Jesus sees a widow coming out of the city, at the head of the funeral procession for her only son. As Jesus looks at her, his heart goes out to her. With this one death, she has lost everything and has just a lonely life of […]