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A.D. Acts

A Barnabas Christian

Acts 9:19b-31 Barnabas sets an example of how we can follow Jesus. The following are some principles you can live by when following Jesus like Barnabas followed Jesus. Accept others (Acts 9:27) Befriend them (Matthew 11, John 8, Luke 7) Care for them (Romans 2:4, 12) Discern where God is working (John 5) Encourage them […]

Blinded by the light

Acts 9:1-22 Saul, who later uses his Roman name, Paul*, was a Jewish Pharisee well trained in the Hebrew/Jewish scriptures. Saul was continuing his campaign to stamp out the followers of Jesus and their “heretical” teachings of Jesus as resurrected Lord, Messiah and savior. Saul had even “held coats” and looked on with approval as […]

A Broken Circle is Stronger

A Broken Circle is Stronger Acts 8:5-25 The reality of the resurrection birthed the early church. The early reports, unquestioned empty tomb, eyewitness accounts, earmarks of Gospel’s authenticity (disciples errors unedited, reported first resurrection female witnesses’ etc) and the emergence of the church all support the authenticity of the resurrection accounts (The writings of Eric […]

Seeds and Soil

Acts 8:1-8 Persecution in the early church lead Christians to scatter and spread the gospel beyond the familiarity of Jerusalem (if persecution forced you from your church/neighborhood, would you start one in your new home/neighborhood?). The persecution/scattering lead the early Christians to follow Jesus example of a God-trusting, life-risking, obedience to and advancement of the […]

A Bigger Picture

After being falsely accused of threatening the temple and the customs of Moses  Acts 6:8-15  , Stephen, the first Christian Martyr, preaches a long sermon ‘reviewing’ Israel’s history  Acts 7  . The long review highlights the failure of Jewish leaders, throughout Hebrew history and in Stephen’s day, in truly heeding Prophets sent by God. In  his […]

Serious Business

Do you long for a God who sets the world right? (does your heart break when you see victims in tragic news stories and your anger rise when you see their abusers). If you long for a world where God makes things right, you long for holiness, goodness, righteousness and justice. God has made you […]

The Holy Spirit

An Early Christian teacher wrote, “The subject of the Holy Spirit presents a special difficulty because by the time we get (involved in) the long sequence of teaching topics, we are already worn out by the multitude of questions. So we become like those who have lost their appetite…we have an aversion from all discussion”. […]

Reality of the Resurrection

Scriptures used: John 20:24-29, John 21:15-19, Luke 7:11-17, Mark 5:21-43, John 11 The resurrection was never far from the lips of the disciples. The resurrection was more than a doctrinal statement to the early disciples who followed Jesus. It was power for not only eternal living but also everyday life. When Thomas encountered the resurrected […]

Hope (Psalm 34:18, Proverbs 3:5)

In the aftermath of the crucification of Jesus, the Jewish high priest, Caiaphas, was filled anger by the threat Jesus teaching about  a new “Kingdom” posed to delicate Jewish power in a Roman occupied land. Pilate, the Roman Governor, was filled with even more anger for having to stoop and deal with a local, Jewish […]

Raised with Christ

The Resurrection of Christ is central to the Christian faith.1 Corinthians 15:17-20. There is great evidence, inviting you and I to believe in the reality of the Resurrection. The early reports of Jesus’ Resurrection point to trustworthy history and not to legend. The empty tomb of Jesus was not refuted by Roman or Jewish leaders, […]